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Are you back at your desk now after your holidays?

Well it may not be spring, but this is still the perfect time to tidy up all those pesky loose ends at your charity.

Post-holiday dynamism

The only time many of us clear our in-tray is the day before we go holiday.

But a good time to shift those tasks that haven’t even made it to your in-tray is on your return to work after a long hot summer, full of energy and good intentions.

Knock out the three bogeymen

There are three common bogeys that hover over many small-charity in-trays but never quite make it to the action side:

  • staff pensions
  • staff employment contracts
  • your charity’s constitution

Shudder, three time over.

Peace of mind, painlessly

What a difference it makes to you to know those bogeymen are banished, the jobs done, dusted and finally in place.

A pride of ownership, confidence that your tackle is now in good order,  your charity is in tip-top shape to get on with its job and to make the world a better place.

All those holiday dreams come true.

Modern flexible pension provision means happy staff, appreciative of your commitment, their loyalty re-enforced. And you can sleep at night knowing  you are no longer breaking the law.

Employment contracts give your staff certainty, will have required you to define their line managers, laid down their grievance procedure and disciplinary code. Each of your staff will have their own job description, the knowledge they are working for a well-ordered employer which in turn will brings out the best in your team of employees.

And your new constitution will relieve you and your fellow trustees of personal liability for the actions of your charity, you will have clear up-to-date charity objects, a well ordered membership and the ability if needed to get rid of troublesome members and to remove discordant trustees. Everything you ever wanted from your constitution.

With the right support

But take my advice, don’t try DIY or those jobs will be back on the wrong side of your in-tray before you know it.

Make three telephone calls, each to someone who knows:

  • an auto-enrollment bureau
  • an employment lawyer
  • and maybe a firm of charity lawyers for your constitution

And a helping hand

Or make one telephone call, to me.

I know the score.

I can either do the work for you myself or call in people I know and trust and whom I can recommend. All at arm’s length, I am in no-one’s pocket.

And I’ll protect your pocket too.

I am passionate to see you with spring in your step and your charity in top form, changing the world for the better.

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Geoffrey Hand

Geoffrey Hand is a charity governance consultant, offering governance consultancy and training. He also provides legal services management, helping charities get better value for money from their lawyers. Geoffrey has extensive experience in the charity and legal worlds, and his mission is to help charities deliver good governance.

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