About me

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I have a real commitment to helping charities and social enterprises which strive for excellence in achieving their aims and in creating a better society for everyone.

I have an innate enthusiasm for life, an ability to get things done and a persuasive persistence in achieving a result.


I have a passion for supporting and working with organisations which strive to make the world a better place.  Charities working at the coal-face of poverty and deprivation – and the people they support – come top of my list, especially in the field of homelessness.   I am impassioned about fairness and social justice.  I work hard to support projects which help people lift themselves out of poverty and find a comfortable and purposeful place in society.

In my rare opportunities for pure recreation, spending time on the open water is one of life’s greatest treats for me.  In 2004/05 I enjoyed a once-in a lifetime belated gap year, sailing in the Global Challenge round-the-world yacht race

Community & volunteering

I have always developed roots in the communities in which I have lived. Having a legal background I am a ready recruit for the voluntary sector.

I was first a charity trustee in the 1980s, establishing sheltered employment for people with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.  I was then for many years a trustee of a charity providing residential care for people with learning difficulties for which I still carry out quasi-legal work to this day. I have been happy to bring my legal skills as part of my contribution to the charities with which I have worked.

My volunteering today includes work with The Robes Project, a winter night shelter for homeless people at London Bridge, both on the front line and in a professional capacity.  And I’m so happy to say that volunteering in their winter soup kitchen is how I met my lovely wife some years ago, who was doing just the same.


I was a solicitor in private practice for 30 years.  Alongside my legal work I completed the Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme in London, graduating in September 2007, and in 2009 I started providing private clients with my leadership, coaching and governance services.

As part of that, for six years I was the part time executive director of a former client’s company, reviving its run-down 7-acre 25 unit business park, a project in which many of my solicitor-skills were eminently transferable.

In my lawyering years, I was a “claimants’ lawyer”,  instinctively attracted to fighting a cause rather than defending the status quo.  I had a professional zeal for righting wrongs and getting the best results for my clients.  I have a strong understanding of the culture and motivation of lawyers and other professionals, how best to work with them and their professional needs.

I enjoy the cut and thrust of professional life.  I am completely comfortable in legal and commercial circles, and in the company of charity trustees from a wonderful diversity of backgrounds with whom I have worked throughout my professional life.


Like the services I provide, my fees are varied and flexible to fit in with your specific needs. I base my fees on a standard rate of £115 per hour.  I discuss with my client the likely scope and demands of the retainer and we arrive at a figure – a fixed fee for a defined task – with which we are both happy. I think it’s fair to say that my clients generally end up feeling it was money extremely well spent.

Please note I am no longer in practice as a solicitor and I do not give legal advice

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