Charity governance training

charity-governance-training.jpgCharity governance training will enable your staff and trustees to fully understand your trustees’ duties and responsibilities, and learn best practice in charity governance.

Your team will understand the implications of your charity’s governing document, and understand your charity’s finances.

Giving you just what you need

Together we can tailor-make in-house training for your team, for example including:

  • Keeping current: how things are shifting in charity governance
  • Effective meetings: agendas, information levels, systematic decision-making
  • Meeting your responsibilities: the key things you need to know about being a charity trustee
  • Welcome to the hot seat: governance issues for new charity chairs
  • Cutting through the jargon: understanding a set of charity accounts
  • Operating safely: developing a robust reserves policy
  • Working effectively: how to monitor your board’s performance
  • Active monitoring: what metrics trustees and key staff should be looking at, and what they mean
  • Update on charity law developments


I can deliver your charity governance training in the format which suits you:

  • 45-minute training sessions as part of  trustee meetings
  • half-day courses
  • one day courses
  • facilitation of workshop sessions
  • away-days
  • one-to-one coaching
  • small group coaching

And I can supplement my own expertises by co-presenting with a carefully chosen small group of associates who each have their own in-depth charity governance areas of specialism.

With a light touch

It’s not in my nature to be dull!  I will make sure my training provides your team with an engaging, accessible, and value-added training experience.

Trustee Pit Stops

Convenient trustee training
As well as providing tailor-made trustee training, I also offer convenient, affordable, modular Trustee Pit Stops.

And open to all

And for smaller charities, or individuals newly joining the sector, I also offer open courses.

I am putting together the dates for my next open courses, please register your interest by clicking here.

Other ways I can help

I also provide charity governance consultancy.

If legal work is called for, my expert legal services management is available to assist you and to save you time and money.

Where does your charity stand?

Take my popular Charity Governance Quiz and Good Trustee / Bad Trustee – the Quiz to find out!

Get in touch

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