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February 25th, 2016ArticlesGeoffrey Hand 0 Comments

Perfect trustee?
Well done all of you who have taken Good Trustee / Bad Trustee – the Quiz so far!

I must say you’re looking like rather a good bunch of trustees.

And it’s tantalising, because more than one of you has scored 123/125, but so far, no-one’s hit a ‘perfect’ 125/125…

Do you know this marvellous individual? Do send them a link to the quiz. It will be a thrill to know they are out there.

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Geoffrey Hand

Geoffrey Hand is a charity governance consultant, offering governance consultancy and training. He also provides legal services management, helping charities get better value for money from their lawyers. Geoffrey has extensive experience in the charity and legal worlds, and his mission is to help charities deliver good governance.

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