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Who’s in charge of a charity?  The answer may not be who you think…
January 31st, 2020NewsGeoffrey Hand 0 Comments

Who’s in charge of a charity?  The answer is always “the Trustees”, right?  Unfortunately, things are sometimes less straightforward than you’d hope. It’s elementary to most charity trustees that their Governing Document is their charity’s “bible”. Pretty much every charity trustee knows its Governing Document sets out what the charity is about, how the charity […]

Is Kids Company the canary in the charity coal mine?
November 16th, 2015Articles, NewsGeoffrey Hand 0 Comments

What Lehman Brothers did to the public’s confidence in banks, Kids Company seems to have done for UK charities. A survey in October 2015 revealed public confidence in charities at its lowest point since 2007 – when the surveys started – with charities now less trusted than supermarkets. The failure of Lehman Brothers precipitated the […]